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Why is There a Need For a Shelter?

One in 3 TX women are victims of domestic violence during their lifetime. 39% of the victims requesting shelter are denied due to lack of space! 40% of the 136 women killed in 2017 were in the process of leaving or had left within the previous 3 months. 15 family members/friends including 3 children and 3 unborn children were also killed. We must provide safety for families attempting to leave violent homes!

Why Does Domestic Violence Affect Me?

Children that live in violent homes go school concerned about their family being safe. They do not get enough sleep. They might be hungry or concerned about being safe when they go home. Learning is very low on their priority list. When the child that lives with violence needs additional attention, your child is losing learning time. Your child might witness a meltdown and hear about the violence that occurred in their classmates home. Your family is impacted by violence!  When an abuser kills his partner in the front of the local grocery store or at the busy intersection where you are waiting for the light to change, your family is impacted by violence. Women who leave abusive homes without support services often succumb to prostitution, addiction, chronic illnesses, mental illness and homelessness. 

Why Should I Help

Domestic violence is a community problem. Police are responding to assault calls, hospitals are treating victims injuries, your tax dollars are paying for the impact of violence in your community. We all need to help and provide a safe place where a family can seek shelter and create a plan for a safe future.

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